Saturday, April 22, 2006

Backyard April 22

In honor of Earth Day - we spent the morning at the Native Plant Sale and the rest of the day in our backyard ...

If you remember, last weekend, we took down the swingset from the backyard. So, as much as we would just like to be lazy on the weekends (not happening lately), we wanted to get that area ready for it's future as "grass" and a "vegetable garden."

So after the Native Plant Sale, talking with a grass guy at Ace, and our weekly coffee break at Sally's (her lemon coconut homemade muffins are the best -- as well as the ginger peach, mmm...), we started working out back.

We did several things that caused our backs to break:
  • We raked the entire yard to get off all the dead grass (a lot from last year's drought);
  • We raked off all the mulch off the swingset area (the swingset sat on top of several layers of mulch)
  • Then, we got rid of the tarp underneath the soil; this was murder - all we did was shovel and pull the tarp. It was painful. But the soil underneath was beautiful looking.
  • Finally, we added what we composted from last year (which by the way, turned out beautiful) to the soil and tilled it in, and Matt made sure it was all even.
Now it is all ready for some grass seed ...
My hopes are to start off with a small vegetable garden -- tomatoes, basil, and other herbs I think are good to start with -- grass the remaining area and then create a flagstone walkway with some ground cover out the gate. Yes, okay I feel like a lousy gardener just putting in grass, but ...

... this is our front yard!

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