Sunday, April 16, 2006

Chopping things down

When my grandpa came over on Saturday, he also brought his saw with him. Like most men, he likes to chop things down and he was salivating at the thought of us letting him loose in the yard.

Like we would ever really let him loose! He would chop down everything! And I think that us following him around the yard really hindered his creative juices. But we did let him have his way with a few bushes.

One of them was the lilac bush in the back yard, southwest corner. This is how it looked last year (April 27, 2005) and now:

There were 3 large trunks and 1 of them was completely dead. The other one was partly dead and that's what we removed and then thinned out the one that was left. This is good for now although our neighbor and my gardening book says you should take off the biggest part to have a dramatic re-growth. Maybe next year.

We also trimmed up:
It was also a productive yard weekend because I got a chance to talk "plants" with P next door and she pointed out a prairie grass that we could divide into 4s (picture at left). She said that the roots probably go so far deep that we would have to raise it up with a shoevl and hack it with a sharp shovel (or a chainsaw).

I also told her my idea of lining the back fence with tall prairie flowers and she let me know that nothing will grow there because it's north facing. So she suggested prairie grasses.

Order up more priaire grasses!

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