Sunday, April 16, 2006

Day 2: Spring clean up

I cannot believe it only took us 2 days for spring cleanup!
That? Oh that's the pile of leaves that we haven't composted or bagged yet. Alright, so I guess we're not done yet. But it only took us 2 days (not full days, more like 2, 1/2 days) to rake everything and make this lovely pile. Now we just have to bag it.

Right now it's sitting on my mulch garden. In the backyard we have 2 mulch gardens. 1 was where the old swingset used to be (so it won't be a mulch garden mulch longer -- get it? ha ha mulch longer ... stupid gardening joke...).

The other is here on the east side of the yard. There's trees surrounding this area and the only thing growing was vile ground cover, some lungwart, and a hosta. I don't need a mulch garden for 3 plants, so our plan is to grass the area. I know, pretty boring for a garden blog, but I haven't been able to post all the pictures of the front yard so you can see that I have enough to land manage.

Right now, I'm basking in the glory that all my raking is done. I promise this week, it'll all be bagged. How much you wanna bet?

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