Tuesday, April 25, 2006

In the Garden -- April 25

It's freezing today. But here are some pics of plants growing outside on April 25.

The Lily of the Valley's have begun to emerge. On the side of the house, the lily of the valey have taken over (they're fighting territory wars with the vinka). But I love them and last year I had the house full of them in vases.The center garden (between my house and my neighbors) has exploded with tuplips! We share this area and we have sedum, tulips, prairie grasses, purple echinechea, a butterfly bush, among other things that we take care of together.

This is a ground cover that last year was small, and so I planted it here and it's really grown. I had the name last night, but now I can't find it-- and it's like cabbage leaves, very hearty looking. Right now it's got purple flowers, but they don't show up well in the photo.

I think these are violets and I did not plant them, nor did I see them last year (I don't think). They look really pretty and are along the back fence area where we want to grass up a bit, so I have to remember to move them back.

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