Sunday, April 16, 2006

More space

Saturday, my grandpa came over and he helped Matt take down the swingset. During the middle of it, I got a call from a girlfriend and by the time I went back outside, it was crew of neighbors all analyzing the demolition. Leave it to destruction to bring everyone together!

Unfortunately, so much of the wood was rotted and put together with nails that we can't give the swingset to those nice people -- they would have had to replace almost 50% of the wood and that was just not worth it. Now I have to tell them. I feel so bad because I am so sure their kid(s) were looking forward to this.

So my demolition crew -- grandpa and matt -- just tore the whole thing apart. At one point, Matt was using the electric drill to get the screws out of the slide. My grandpa walks up to him and says, "Matt, not like that. Just smash it with the hammer," as he grabbed the hammer and started to smash the slide apart. I told him, "Grandpa, Matt's a WASP. He doesn't know how to smash things."

While it's a sad day for those kids, for us, it's like being reborn. I can't believe we waited this long to take it down. We gained 25% more yard space that is almost full sun and perfect for a vegetable garden. Our future kids will just have to contend with going to parks because I don't think we'll be erecting another one of these in the yard. And isn't a park 10x more fun?

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