Saturday, April 22, 2006

Native Plant Sale II

I could have sworn it started at 8:30am and Matt and I got there at 8:50am. The place was hopping ...
I had a list as long as my arm for my mom, so we divided efforts and it's a good thing because I got the last Indian Paririe grass for my mom after discovering one while another woman was looking for one. I offered it to her, but she let me have it. Unfortunately, Matt found the wild geranium I wanted, but he had to find me to unload some plants and when he went back the 5 little plants were gone. Did't I tell you? Eerily reminiscent of a Filene's Basement wedding gown sale.

Us in line - heads not purposefully cut off!

Our main goal was to get some shade loving plants for our area under the Pine tree where right now, not much is growing.

We didn't get everything we wanted but we came away with 3 different kinds of plants:

Woodland Sunflower

Wild Columbine

Ed correction: I thought I bought blue cohosh (that's what they told me) but it was Celandine Poppy

Of course, right now, they look more like this!


avocados said...

Is that Matt's beard I spy? You'll have to post a more complete photo so we can see the new look.

Oh, and back to the topic of plants. How are you learning about different kinds of plants and what you might want? Can you recommend any books?

mom said...

wasn't it the blue cohash that was mentioned in the first outlander?

Rosemarie said...

Yes - Matt has a beard. I'll post a photo at soon (I keep meaning to).

Avocado - I was lucky because my garden came equipped with good plants and a neighbor who knows gardening, so I usually ask her. The only book I have is one I got from work that's Taylor's Guides--Growing North America's Favorite Plants. It has most of my plants in it along with photos for me to identify plants. That and the internet have been my sources.