Thursday, April 20, 2006

Native Plant Sale

2 more days until the Native Plant Sale in my town! The native plant sale only has plants native to Northern Illinois (duh), and it's part of a movement in our town to encourage more native growth for the ecosystem.

It sounds like a quaint quite affair, but it's pretty much a "Filene's basement wedding gown sale" of the gardening world. Instead of pulling the A-line taffeta gown out of some totally undeserving biatches hand, you're smiling nicely at your fellow gardener all the while nonchelantly grabbing the plastic pot closer to you. It's polite, but don't you dare accidentally make off with someone's White Wild Indigo, she'll chase you out the complex and you'll be blacklisted for next year.

The best way to avoid all this is to do 2 things:
1) Come early. It may say 830 - Noon, but the only thing left at noon are twigs.
2) Prepare! Print out the plant list and have your list ready otherwise you'll be mulling over the list and fighting over the last semblance of green on the table.

Last year, I had no idea what I was doing and Matt and I walked around like tweedle dee and tweedle dummer trying to read the list and find plants at the same time. I ended up buying what some people told me to buy -- a wild geranium, an astor and 2 that I had forgotten the minute the wind blew away the markers. I planted them and was 4/4 on the native plants all summer meaning they weren't dead within a week--although they weren't really growing either...except for the geranium, it was growing but then it got yellow. But it wasn't dead.

And guess what -- it's coming back! It's my first indication of having any gardening skills at all. Here it is a few minutes ago. It looks happy; except I'm worried it's gonna turn yellow again. On the tab it says "part sun/ part shade" which is where I have it -- kinda. It get's sun and then shade. Maybe that's why it's turning yellow. Maybe it needs more shade.

If that's the case, then I'll move it to the front where I have a lot shadey places waiting for a good looking plant.

Ok, stop ... I just looked at the Native plant list and there's a plant called "Dutchman's breeches" - no way. Don't tell me that gardeners aren't any fun! They do look like breeches don't they?

So what am I gonna buy this year?

Matt says not to go beserk and buy too much (that's what he said last year too.) I don't think I can go beserk when I've been staring at this list, looking up plants, and analyzing the yard and I haven't made any progress.

Buy hey -- the geranium is happy. maybe I should just get more of those?


angie said...

Those are cute. They do look like upside down pants!

Carol said...

Your geraniums will be fine where they are. I have some and it took several years for them to really fill in. They are a beautiful ground cover now and do not require any work! They bloom most of the summer too.

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