Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Planting the native plants

Saturday, we planted our native plants under the big ol’ pine tree closer to the house – not to be confused with the big ol’ pine tree farthest from the house.

Let me interject and say that we live in a very “mature tree” area of our suburb, but of all the trees on our block, we must have 50% of them sitting on our tiny 50’ x 135’ lot. In the font yard alone we have 7 trees:
  • 2 pine trees
  • 1 crab apple
  • 1 apple
  • 1 funky type of elm
  • 2 I haven’t ID’d yet

So we planted the Native plants under the pine tree after we raked about 12 layers of old much and pine needles from the area. We planted the Blue Cohosh in the middle with the woodland sunflower and wild columbine scatters in front. They look good and haven’t wilted from the transplant or anything …. however … Monday after work we noticed a casualty. One of the woodland sunflowers got burrowed out by an animal. I’m not sure if it burrowed the entire thing out or just ate the leaves but we’re mourning our losses here. 6/7 on the Native plants in 2006. so soon. snif.

On the other hand however, I have 3 more indications that I’m not a complete gardening loser.

Like I said in another post, my wild geranium is back that I planted last year, and so are 2 more native plants I planted last year. One of them is --I think-- an aster, I saw a white flower peeping up from the mulch and realized the plant that looked so pecid last year was still alive! The other is an upland aster (for sure) in the front yard that is now part of the landscape.

But my biggest triumph are the bluebelles my neighbor gave me last year -- as I wrote about them last year:
"Unfortunately, I am 0/4 on the lovely bluebells my neighbor gave me. I planted them right away and now they are lying there, like they just ran a marathon and pooped out."
And again this year, my neighbor asked if I wanted more. I told her, "I planted them but I think I killed them. Unless they haven't come up yet." She answered, "Oh no, they're spring plants, they'd be up by now," Well, I guess I did kill them," I said sheepishly remembering their limp bodies strewn on the mulch. BUT ... the other day as I was puttering, I saw something blue and low and behold ... they came back. I dont know how, I don't care. They are alive. I am not a plant killer!

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