Friday, June 16, 2006

Catch up

It's been a while since I've posted -- May was crazy: work, vacation... All my flowers and plants have been growing - not blogging doesn't stop their progress; and I've been taking photos, I just haven't been blogging about them.

I was upset, because this blog is supposed to be my garden diary so I know how to garden; but I've gotten over it and now will blog away ... this is catch up time!


MAY 12 --

In April, we took down the swingset and turned the soil underneath with compost and planted part shade, part sun grass seed as per directed by the Ace Hardware guy.

On May 12, the grass finally began to grow after some huge skeptecism from Matt and I that we were loser grass growers. Honestly, the day I took these photos Matt and I were dancing around singing, "We can grow graaaa---sssssss."

On May 12, Matt and I went to Planters Pallette . This place is so great, it's expensive but you're paying for the expertise. Everytime I go, I always get the best help from knowledgable people who actually listen to you. This time, we bought 2 fringed bleeding hearts and we planted them in the semi-circle in the front yard.

Also, we bought some hostas to fill in the dead empty space in the front yard under the pine tree closest to the street (unfortunately we got these at home depot for $5 ea because this area is close to the street and we were experimenting with them). They're kinda small and puny and look funny in this photo; but they're getting better. You can also see from the photo that the vinka (awful vine ground cover that grows like weeds) is in bloom. This is the only time I like vinka.

Then I just took some random photos in the garden May 12, to show what's happening. Now that it's June everything looks so small compared to now. The hostas and daylillies are tiny, but the tulips on the east front side of the house are in bloom and I love the dead nettle (purple flowers), I think it's a great pretty ground cover.

Front yard

In this photo below is the tulips and the dead nettle and some other plants. This gets a lot of morning sun and the area always looks beautiful, too bad it's "technically" not our property. The people next door let the old owners usurp part of their huge lot for the landscaping since they never use this area. our fear is that a horrible McMansion will be built next to us and they'll take this all away.

And of course they will, and they'll be young and hire gardeners to plant a few daylillies from Home Depot (an epidemic I am noticing). Okay so I'm young too, but I don't mind getting down and dirty ;)

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