Friday, June 16, 2006

May 27 Backyard

On to the backyard -- isn't this fun? Well, it's fun for me because I've put so much effort into this yard. You can ask Matt, we spend so much time on this garden that talking about it and talking about my cats are my 2 favorite subjects. I love it. Truly.

Anyway, backyard ...
Ahhh ... grass! It looks beautiful! It's really growing in fast; I think it's all because we used compost (that we made from last year's waste). The guy at Ace said as long as we have that, it's better than fertilizer.

What am I going to do with this area? This is the only part of the yard that's getting worse! Fortunately, we need to re-do the falling apart porch (our poor cats are heartbroken this summer that they can't go out and play, but Mini keeps falling through the open netting and then she cries because she can't get back in.) So this area will just get an overhaul.

I'm calling this "triangle garden" for no other reason except it's a triangle and I am trying to call my various areas names to keep track of them. Anyway -- japanese bayberry bush (I hate this one, it has thorns); zebra grass, and monkey grass. I planted some funky ground cover last year that's really thriving, and I planted mums in an attempt to "late summer" the yard and 1 is coming back in full force.

Under the kitchen window, you can see the bearded irises blooming and falling over - they're staked with awful yellow twine, but they're gonna get divided this July. Any takers? I also have daylillies and pretty purple flowers I can't identify.

This area is pretty to look at, but I fear for my life that I will get swallowed up by the overgroing ferns, phlox, and dead nettle. I massively cleaned out this area this spring and once again I'm scared their going to throttle me for killing half their kind. Mutiny!

Back against the fence ... poor north facing fence. Our neighbors behind get all the sun and we get nothing. Rudbeckia, 2 native plants (geranium and aster), echinecea are growing slowly here. And I planted the zebra grass in May. This area looks sad.

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Annie in Austin said...

Hi Rosemarie,
Your comment at Garden Rants linked to this site - I used to live in the Western suburbs, and am enjoying the trip through your changing and growing garden.

If you hate it, just ditch that barberry!! We had it in Illinois, too, and it was a royal pain. The roots are a poisonous looking yellow, so at least you can find them if you decide to dig it out.

I hope you have a great summer in your garden!