Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Weeds in the back, bugs in the front

The drought last year did nothing to help the lawn; barren patches of brown just became a breeding ground for this tenacious, ground cover-like weed. It was everywhere – say 60% of the lawn – and everytime I saw it I would just kill 20 minutes sitting in the grass pulling it up.

You can’t pull up 60% of your lawn!!

Growing up in the suburbs, if you had weeds it was because you were too cheap to get ChemLawn to spray your yard with toxins. Being neither cheap nor toxic, we’ve been confused about what to do. Our neighbors gave us weed-b-gone to help control it, but even after 3 doses, it wasn’t going away.

The same neighbors also use cornmeal on their lawn so we thought we should do the same since their yard looks great. We treated the lawn in June and now, a month later, it is so dark and green, it’s unbelievable.

Since the grass is growing to hearty now in the back, the weeds have gotten pushed out. I still have found a couple, but not like before, so I can pull them out.

The Barn Owl, where we got the cornmeal, told us to apply 3x over the summer (labor day, July 4th, memorial day); then in

In the front yard … aphids had taken on the roses and I never got around to treating them. Then, I spotted a new bug on the plants and I freaked out that aphids can morph into large hopping bugs.

A trip to told me what I have are immature katydids. Matt knew what these were – I had no idea; they are a family of the grasshopper. Just for that, I can’t kill them, but they’re having a good time chomping on my roses and my gerberas.


Avocados said...

We need serious rejuvination of our grass. Can you tell me more about this cornmeal treatment? Is it special cornmeal? How much do you apply at once?

Coldwarkid said...

It is amazing how a healthy lawn will ward off weeds, and insects. The best way to stop pests, bug or weed pests, in the lawn is by making it healthy. The best form of pest control, is always pest prevention!