Friday, July 21, 2006

Cottage Living

It was my day of today, so we checked out Cottage Living's Idea Home.

They built this beautiful 2700 sq ft cottage (on a 50 x 150 lot) with wild lanscaped front and back yards. I thought it was really lovely because it looked manicured (with the brick pavers) but the plants they used were wild and carefree - sort of the english garden outline with wild flowers.

I love this huge vase/urn they have in the front yard and it's iridescent colors. My mom's advice -- if you put something in the garden, make it BIG!

I posted more photos of the house and gardens on my main blog site here.


Annie in Austin said...

Thanks for posting the photos - your tour was a nice look at the house. This idea home was mentioned in the latest issue and looked interesting. But I can't quite reconcile 'cottage' with 2700 square feet!

Pam/Digging said...

I just got the September issue of Cottage Living and was wondering what the house looked like. I appreciated seeing your photos of house and garden.