Sunday, September 24, 2006

Name this plant

This summer I found a unknown plant growing in the front yard. I left it, but I can't recall if I had it last year. I thought it looked like some sort of hydrangea, so I figured to leave it.

Later on I noticed that it had flowered (unfortunately no picture of that). And now, I went out there and it has berries where there were once flowers.

Here some photos:
It had pink/red stems that are pretty thick. Is it a good plant or a weed?


Annie in Austin said...

It looks like Pokeweed to me, Rosemarie.It used to come up in Illinois garden, planted by birds and it is pretty ornamental in appearance with those berries. But unless you're growing a wildscape garden, it can get out of hand. I hope this PokeweedLink will work for you.


Annie in Austin said...

Phooey - the link showed blue, but didn't take! Here it is for copying and pasting, instead

Jenn said...

Pokeweed. It's a 'weed' but I saw it used in a garden this year in a massing to great effect.

I love the red stems, very showy!
Just watch were it seeds, and pull the babies you don't want.

Rosemarie said...

Thanks for the info - that's exactly what it is and now I'll watch it more closely to make sure it doesn't get to over grown.

Girl Gone Gardening said...

Yup, pokeweed :)

I think its pretty even for being a "weed"