Monday, October 30, 2006

Wish List

This is my first ever wishlist ... but I couldn't help noticing some nice stuff when I was perusing the Smith & Hawken website. Generally their stuff is too expensive for my tight gardening budget...

I went on their website to find this. I love this waterer. Most of our front yard is watered by an underground sprinkler system (thank you previous owners!), but there's 1 section where they must have forgotten. My neighbor has one of these and it looks cool and practical for watering the plants as needed -- instead of lugging the hose (which our front one has a small hole, everytime I water, it looks like I got off the white water rapids ride at Great America!).

The weirdest thing about how HGTV is infiltrating our life: my husband uses terms like window treatments and water features! This actually scares me ... but having this cool blue urn/water fountain doesn't. It looks just like the one at the Cottage Living house I was in love with (although it's less pretty/iridescent). But I think I want BIG things in the garden.

How do I love this pink tool apron? Let me count the ways.... One of Matt's biggest pet peeves when I'm out in the garden is how I leave my tools everywhere. One of MY biggest peaves is how I always forget something and find myself walking back and forth to the shed/garage getting what I need. This looks handy and cute to boot!

My goal is to transform my 1970's split level into a cute cottage look alike. We haven't really started except for putting up our new numbers but next up will be to change the lights. Not only are they kind of ugly, but they're all pitted. I think I like this lantern looking light -- it's called Portsmouth and reminds me of our anniversary trip to Maine/NH when we passed through Portsouth and fell in LOVE with it.

And finally ... I love these edgers. I like how they are transparent so the plants can grow between them and they create sort of a soft barrier. I really don't like the railroad ties that we have currently. I think these would work better and prettier instead.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

End of October

It's the end of the season and this marks my first summer that I have kept this gardening blog. I'm really glad I started this because it made me look at my garden more, take notes, record events, and especially meet new people in the gardening community. I've so appreciated all the comments and helpful notes I've received -- they are invaluable!

Do gardeners keep blogs in the wintertime? There's less to write about but it'll give me the chance to do some garden planning, read books, and take notes... we'll see what happens.

In the last few days, almost all of our leaves have fallen. Our front yard is a potpourri of purple and yellow! Last year we raked all of the leaves right into the gardening beds and we had nothing to bag up. We didn't mulch this summer and it's getting sparse in places so this I think will be a good cover over the winter. There's still more leaves to fall... this is just the beginning! (we have about 7 trees on our 50x135 lot!)

And it feels like over night that my garden beds have winterized, it's hard looking out the window at all the dead and dying plants. The saddest part are my roses, which by some weird fluke, have about 5 buds on them and 1 of them just wants to open... but it's not gonna happen. Could this not have happened a month ago?

Yesterday we also had a coyote sighting. We've seen a larger coyote around the neighborhood at night, but never by our house. This time we saw this young'in both at night and in the morning. Matt thinks maybe his mom is hurt because he shouldn't be out in the morning. We live in the suburbs of Chicago, but we still have enough forest, prairies, and open land that wild animal sightings aren't rare, but I hadnn't seen a coyote although there's been some articles that the coyotes are taking over and the foxes are in decline.

Happy Halloween!