Sunday, August 13, 2006

Jumanji, the killer clematis

We bought our house in February 2005. In the winter, you can't see the long list of sleeping plants who'll want your undivided attention come spring. All we saw was snow. However , we did see this pretty arbor on the side of our house and something like, "Awwww..." came out of our mouths.

2-1/2 years later, I look at the arbor and something like, "Ahhhhh!!!!" comes out. Little did I know that a clematis reminiscent of the killer vine in Jumanji resides there.

Last year it looked normal, it bloomed beautiful flowers in May and then just hung out on the arbor. These blooms are from May 2005.

This year, after I trimmed it back in the spring like Edward Scissorhands, it decided not to bloom in May.

Instead it has decided join the obesity epidemic plaguing America and grow to astronomical size. It's also forcing me to take a different route of the ayrd since I have to get down on my hands and knees to get out of the garden. That's me to the left, the clematis is helping me keep my anonymity.

I'm sure you're thinking, "Just cut it down and stop complaining." I know I should. My mom says she's not coming over again unless I trim it back, "I want to come over for coffee, not particpate in an obstacle course."

But I kind of like it. It's like a good shrink. Everytime I plant something and it dies and I feel like I should just move back to a condo, I just walk over to Jumanji, the killer clematis and then I don't feel so bad.