Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow ... and more snow

We are having an over-excess of snow all of a sudden!! Since last night it has not stopped. Like everything in life, moderation is key to sanity and I am ready to walk outside in my snowboots, tassle topped hat, and down-filled puffy coat and yell, "Enough already!"

I worked from home today, so that meant around 1PM I went to shovel. We don't have a snow blower, we do it the old fashioned way. And sometimes, we don't even do that. But we learned our cold hard lesson when my derriere got introduced to a block of ice -- if you don't shovel when it's soft, then it freezes, and turns into mountains of ice. Ouch. When snow is soft, it looks easy, shoveling. But it's all a facade. There's a reason I'm surrounded by snowblowers. I was out there for about 1/2 an hour and when I came in, I was sweating profusely underneath the puffy coat and I thought I was having a heart attack.

The worst part was that the snow hasn't stopped so my poor walkway looks like this (can you tell that I shoveled?).

But I love living in a place that actually has 4 seasons (despite being a tad bit jealous looking at garden blogs who can actually blog about plants in February). I mean, what's more awesome than knowing that this...

will turn into this ...

Just 3 more months!


cecilia said...

Dear Rosemarie,
I´m a chilean gardener and I love my garden..I enjoy the sound , the view and fragrance any time,any season.
thanks for your beautiful blog.
And sorry for my poor english...

cecilia said...

I´m sawing to, Rosemarie and Thyme in Chile.
Wonderful !

*Linnie* said...

Enjoyed visiting your blog...beautiful pics!

Carolyn gail said...

Rosemarie: You are one of but a handful of Chicago garden bloggers. It's wonderful that you are so positive about our dreadful winter this year and showing the before and after photos is proof of your optimism.

We are a hardier bunch of gardeners here aren't we? I just got back from Florida and well, they can just spit on a plant and it'll grow, that's how easy it is.

Keep up the good work.

MrBrownThumb said...

It's almost all melted here in Chicago. I'm so excited about the arrival of spring!