Friday, March 16, 2007

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - March

Another garden blogger, May Dreams Gardens, has started a "Garden Blogger Bloom Day" which means that every 15th of the month, garden bloggers can post pictures of what's growing in their garden at that particular time.

I usually don't start taking pictures until April because March 15th is still pretty brown outside. But here's what's growing in my yard on March 15th in Zone 5/ Chicago:

Coming up through the cold ground and mottled leaves are the beginnings of Daffodils.

These snowdrops started growing in January because we had a warm spell, and I thought that maybe they were doomed for the rest of the year. But never fear, these tough gals have emerged from the snow unscathed!

This is my personal success story. Last summer, I divided and replanted all my tall bearded irises (a first for me!) and you can see them coming up through the brown leaved and the brown stalks from last year.

And to give you an idea of what the backyard looks like on March 15th, here's a photo looking west at 9AM. It's still pretty brown and frosty out there, and most of the plants I highlighted have frost on their leaves.

April 15th should tell a whole different story. See you next month!


Carol said...

You've got some good starts and are right about what a difference another month will make. Thanks for participating in Bloom Day.

Annie in Austin said...

At least you can see the ground, Rosemarie - the NY and East Coast gardeners are under snowbanks again.

You have some flower-promises peeking out all over now!


Pam said...

I lived in Michigan for about six years, so I remember those frosty early almost spring days! Congrats on the divided irises - they're one of my favorites!

Carolyn gail said...

The local TV news station wanted to come to my garden to do a small clip for Spring and I responded " Why ?" There's nothing to see in Chicago in March in the garden .