Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring clean up: Day 1

This is more for me (i.e. boring notes):

Just noting that we started spring clean-up on March 24th (earlier than last year). Cleaned up the center front garden between our and Pat's house. Re-edged the grass on that side --looks much nicer and cleaner. Also threw some more grass seed since the grass looked pretty sad.

The grass-like plant I noted last year has been ID'd as Star of Bethlehem. Websites say it's related to the onion and some say it's a weed, but does have nice flowers in June. I remember some flowers last year, but not a lot. Also, the plant spreads quickly, and that's true here. Not sure I want to keep them -- maybe thin them out a bit? Blue arrow shows where they are growing.

Note: Need to thin out Star of Bethlehem in Front center garden & Under the kitchen window garden.

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Carolyn gail said...

O Star of Bethlehem ? Be ruthless, pluck out every bit of it or it'll take over your entire garden !