Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring clean up: Day 2

It's hard to get stuff done in the 1 hour of daylight when I get home from work; so sometimes you just have to take a personal day to tend to the garden.

This morning the sun is shining and it's about 70F ... perfect.

So this morning, I tackled the Triangle Garden in the backyard. I call it that because it's shaped like a triangle and it's in the backyard . <>. Here's what it looks like in the midst of summer:The previous owner planted here: monkey grass (or mondo grass, I just learned), a Japanese barberry, and an ornamental grass I haven't ID'd yet. There's also vinca I am slowly pulling out, and some ajuga (carpet bugleweed) which I am not. I planted 2 Fall mums in Oct 2005 and 1 of them came back last yr and is coming back again. I also planted 3 of the irises here, but not doing well.

I cleaned it out today, cut down the grasses, and re-edged the border -- going farther out into the grass because we are going to flagstone this area anyway (it's the main traffic path to the backyard). I also tilled the soil a bit mixing the leaves into the dirt.
Here are some of the final photos:

It still "looks" messy, but then again it's still March in Chicago. Brown is still the color du jour no matter how many daffodils are coming up. (We're getting tricked by this beautiful weather).

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