Sunday, April 29, 2007

Peonies and probably a weed

Yesterday I found this plant in my front yard. Matt thought maybe it was a tree, but it had a rubbery stem and foliage. Probably another weed, I thought. But we took a nice long walk and I saw the same plant in someone's yard (who happened to be outside) and she told me they were peonies.


This is our 3rd summer in this house and I've never seen these before. So apparently they've either been dormant, a seed blew in from somewhere, or some stranger planted them for us. In any case, welcome Peony plant. I don't know what kind it is yet, but I found this website for ID'ing Peonies.

But I did find another plant in the backyard that I'm sure is a weed. Am I right?

I was joking with Matt that it looked like a marujuana leaf (how many hemp T's did I see in grad school in Madison?!)


Annie in Austin said...

The peony might have just barely stayed alive if it were strangled by that ivy. Give it some air and sun, and clear the space around it. If you can see small buds in the center of the leaf junctions you might get lucky and have a bloom this year - otherwise it will take another year to be strong enough to pump out flowers. Good luck!

The other seedling sure looks like a Horse Chestnut seedling to me, Rosemarie. [Aesculus hippocastanum]
There are a lot of Faux-Hemp leaves around. Here in Austin two of our toughest plants, Vitex and the native Texas Star Hibiscus, have confused lawmen who didn't know there are so many horticultural lookalikes.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Sissy said...

You are sooo lucky to find a peony!! I have tried to grow them forever and they take so long to bloom that I have never seen one bloom because we move so much!!
Dude!! That sure looks like weed to me!!

Anonymous said...

Just a reminder for you and Matt that this Saturday is World Naked Gardening Day--we expect you to be out there in the buff!!

Carolyn gail said...

Hi Rosemarie,

I believe you have a Rodgersia aesculafolia, otherwise known as "rodgers flower."

It does resemble the Horse Chestnut seedling , but if you don't have those huge trees around it's probably not one.

Kate said...

What a lovely find- a thriving peony. Once they are established - and follow Annie's advice - they grow and live forever!

I thought it was a Rodgersia when I saw the leaves, but you'll know if it grows like a weed. Rodgersia don't get very tall and they start spreading...

Isn't it fun finding new treasures in your garden?