Sunday, April 22, 2007

The porch project

This morning we got out early (9AM). Matt was motivated to move forward with fixing up the porch in the backyard (one of our 2007 To Do's), and I wasn't going to stop him.

When the previous owners put on the kitchen addition, they added a screened porch in the empty space. We loved it when we moved it, it had cute twinkle lights and we could eat out there without getting eaten by mosquitos... then the money pit happened. The Money Pit is what I refer to when everything starts falling apart. The screens all came undone, the wood started falling off. It was a mess. So last summer we took the screens down and were "sans porch" for 2006.

I have high hopes to enclose this area one day to a "morning room" so we just need to fix it so we can use it -- i.e. we don't want to spend a lot of time or money. So we bought new paint to freshen it up -- Matt's painting the floor with Benjamin Moore's exterior floor & patio paint in platinum grey. We'll do the same with the walls and then add the new screens.


Annie in Austin said...

That screened porch looks worth the effort to make it functional, Rosemarie, even if it's not 'forever'. We've never had one, but once the mosquitos start, will be envying people like you.


Sissy said...

How nice! It looks like it will be even better than before!