Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rain Barrel platform & Shed

I'm just all over the Rain Barrel at the moment ... it's my project du jour.

This morning, Matt and I removed 2 bushes from the side where the RB is going. They had to go anyway -- a japanese barberry and a regular bush, not even sure what it was. Now we can actually walk on that walkway to the side of the house (that alone was a good reason to get rid of those bushes).I kept all these bricks when we removed the swingset in the backyard, so I used them to make a platform for the Rain Barrel. Now I'll just let them set a bit, and next wee we should be read to dismantle the existing downspout and position it into the barrel. (That's the barrel in the background).
After we put up the RB, I plan on covering the area with some nice ornamental grasses. I prefer those tenfold to decidious bushes.

I also cleaned out the shed on Saturday (just another TO DO item scratched off). I'll admit -- sheepishly -- that we've lived in this house for 2 years and I NEVER cleaned out this shed. Why was I waiting? It's so much better now and doesn't gross me out like it used to.


The County Clerk said...

what a great idea.

please tell us how well it works when you get it going.

Robin said...

A rain barrel is on my wish list. We have such hard water and use a water softener. I'd love to be able to use rainwater.

Sissy said...

OOO! Look at that awesome arbor in the distance!!
Is that in your yard??!!