Thursday, April 05, 2007

Rain Barrels

On my TO DO list is the task of setting up rain barrels. I’ve wanted to do this since buying the house, and this year will be a good year for that.

I’m a huge advocate for green living, which is saying a lot since I grew up in suburbia where getting your lawn sprayed with chemicals was synonomous with having money, driving replaces walking, and going to the mall was considered something to do.

How I ever ended up on the opposite spectrum, I will never know. I guess I’m what you call “green”, my family however calls me cheap. But I think they’re the same in some way. Being green (or living consciously, as I like to say) in my opinion is the essence of frugality. It’s the trendsetters who are elevating green-ness into an artform for the privledged.

I mean … Grow your own veggies =free food.
Compost = free fertalizer.
Rain barrels = free water.
Recycling = cheaper garbage costs.
Small car = cheaper fuel costs… and so on.

So back to rain barrels… ever since buying the house and listening to NPR reports on water consumption, turning on the hose makes me cringe. But I have to water my plants. It puts me in such a bind I feel like Jack Benny (when approached by a robber, “Your money or your life?” No answer. “I said your money or your life!?” “I’m thinking,” Jack Benny replied).

So back to rain barrels … once I learned about this solution (from our neighbors, and then web research), I knew I had to do it. I’ve seen really expensive rain barrels, and then I hear people getting them for $5 or free. Since I have a full-time job with a 3-hour commute, I don’t have time to run around searching for the $5 rain barrel from the bottling plant. Nor, however, do I want to spend $100. So I’m getting 2 rain barrels from a local conversation group (the Conservation Foundation in Naperville, IL) – they’re kind of expensive, yes, but at least I’m giving money to this group so it makes me feel better.

I’m picking them up this weekend and will report more when I have them in my hot little hands.


Crunchy Chicken said...

Hey, thanks for the reminder. I've been meaning to do this for weeks!

Sissy said...

Such an awesome commitment, Rosemarie!! I am an hour from Naperville...
Happy Easter!

Avocados said...

Rain barrels and a more formal compost barrel on our list for this year. Have you been watching the This Old House in Austin? So many great green living tips.

Sissy said...

Did you get the barrels??!!