Thursday, May 17, 2007

For once, someone wants to be like me!

I’ve never been that person that people copy. No one ever cares what Rosemarie did, does, looks like, dresses. No one wants to be me. No one copies me.

Well, that’s all changing and it’s true: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

My grandpa came over the other weekend and we showed him around our yard (true, he called most of my plants weeds, but I heard he was winking when he said it. Still, the permanent dirt under my nails were not amused). But he seemed oddly bemused by our rain barrel, standing and staring at it. Hand to chin. Lips pursed.

Oh great, I thought, he’s gonna have a smart remark about this. And he did, he said, “Why did you put it here? This is wrong spot for it.” But that remark was just him being grandpa, cause the next day, my grandma called. “Guess what your grandpa bought? A rain barrel!”

Yep, he copied my rain barrel. And it’s all hooked up and we both enjoyed the great rainstorms the last 2 days knowing our rain barrels were being used. And what’s more, he’s all ready to add more and only water his grass with that water and lowering his water bill.

Ohmigod – I actually influenced my grandparents to go green. I’ve got a permanent smile on my face. Tickled pink, let me tell ya.

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Carolyn gail said...

That's very good, Rosemarie. We oldtimers can still learn a thing or two. My own children have taught me a lot as adults, and I expect that my grandchildren will , too.