Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Garage Sale Find

Garage sales ... love 'em or hate 'em, sometimes you walk away with something fabulous.

I picked up this gorgeous pot at a garage sale recently. I love the color and the fact that it's HUGE. I can't wait to get some plants for it --any suggestions?

The walkway to our front door is more formal, unlike the rest of the yard (woodland natives, wild and carefree). So I thought it looked nice here in the mulch with my new edgers from my wish list my mom bought us for Christmas. Thanks mom!


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

What a lucky find! The color of the pot is neutral enough that you could fill it with most any plant that catches your eye. Various green plants with something that has white blooms comes to mind.

Sissy said...

My gosh, that's awesome!!
Way better than the 8 tracks I usually find at garage sale!!!

I would plant the Purple fountain grass in it, with some white Bacopa to trail around it!!
Whatever you do plant, it will be stunning in such a fabulous pot!

The County Clerk said...

Put a swarf Meyer (Improved) lemon tree in it... and then bring it in during winter.