Thursday, May 17, 2007

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - May 15th

Here's what's blooming in my yard on/about the 15th of May. I Love May!
  • Bleeding hearts (fringed and non-fringed)
  • Lilac bushes
  • Wild columbine
  • salvia (? I think)
  • Oxeye daisey (well, one of them have bloomed)
  • dianthus pink chedder (new from last year)
  • ajuga
  • wild geranium
What's just about to bloom:
  • tall bearded irises
  • heuchera coral bells
Lilac bush

Salvia (?)

Oxeye daisy

Wild columbine

Bleeding hearts



Dianthus chedder pink


Carol said...

Thanks for participating in Garden
Bloggers' Bloom Day. Your lilac looks wonderful and I bet it smells like heaven on earth. All your flowers look great!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens.

Carolyn gail said...

Very lovely May garden, Rosemarie. I love the Korean lilac and also have one in my garden.

Annie in Austin said...

Is it possible you planted Salvia 'May Night'? The photo kind of looks like it.

This is a nice assortment of plants for the middle of May, Rosemarie. Your hostas look wonderfully full and lush already, and of course I envy you the lilacs.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

[Sorry to be late for Bloom Day...bloglines didn't tell me about all your new posts.]

Rosemarie said...

Carol - the lilac smells wonderful! thank you!

Carolyn -- I have a korean lilac? Who knew. I inherited it with the house. Thanks for the news!

Annie --The Salvia also came with the house. And is it even Salvia? Or Russian sage?

Annie in Austin said...

It looks like a cultivated Salvia to me, Rosemarie - Russian sage/Perovskia is more feathery and silvery. My Russian sage is not quite blooming yet.