Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Garden Diary: May 22

  • Trimmed down the Viburnum (2 of the 3) ***
Before & After

*** Pat, my former neighbor, visited and we discussed the Viburnum. Two reasons for trimming way back: 1) safety: someone could be hiding behind them. 2) the size caused me not to view the rest of my yard from our front window. The size they are now reminds me of their size when we moved in.


  • The purple tall bearded irises in the backyard have bloomed (2-3 days later than the reddish ones in the front yard).
Editor note: May 30 -- My irises are still in bloom. I think this may be the longest they have bloomed. In fact, one of my reddish iris plants still has 3 unopened buds yet to come. Wow!

Side Note:
I was using the electric trimmers for the viburnum, using a long green cord. Well... my first electrical incident (and hopefully my last), I cut through the cord with the sheers. Sparks were flying and I flipped out; but not before remaining calm, unplugging the cord. Then I flipped out.

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