Saturday, May 19, 2007

Moss...please tell me I did this right

For the record, I was a nut out in the garden today. Hey, it's past our May 10th frost date and that's like ringing the dinner bell -- come and get it while it's hot!!

So,in addition to planting my new Fence Garden and the front yard impatiens, I planted some moss between our flagstone.

I've always wanted something growing between them, because if I don't then weeds and grass grow there. I need competition. Our first year in the house, these looked great, but now they get to be a mess. So I bought, as an experiment--because really, in truth, my yard is just one very large petri dish-- some Golden Irish moss.

It looked like this:I only bought 2 things in case they don't work and I figure I have to separate them anyway. When I finished (and there wasn't enough for the whole path) it looks like this:Does that look right? I assume they'll just fill in. This is my first attempt at flagstone groundcover.

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