Saturday, May 19, 2007

Pink fever

I'm sure no real gardener should ever blog about impatiens. But these are the only shade-loving annuals I know of that actually have flowers. What's a shady gal to do?

Last yr, I tested and planted a whole bunch in this spot and they got really full. This year I wanted something to line my new edgers and go pretty with my green pot (which is still empty). So I planted the impatiens in a straight line and I think they look a-dore-able. Why? I dunno. They're like little prisoners.

I was smiling the whole time planting them. My whole yard is such a hodge podge of plants that to have just a straight line seems like a breakthrough (you always want what you don't have, huh?)

1 comment:

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

It looks very nice! I hope it fills in for you.