Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Rain barrel...finito! Porch...1/2 way there

8:15pm, the sun has set, it's getting dark ... that didn't deter Matt and me from getting that blasted rain barrel finished.

Doesn't it look lovely?

We both had to pose with it! Nerds!

Last weekend, we finished painting the screened porch; then my dad came over with screen he just happened to have in his garage. My dad has a virtual Ace Hardware in his garage; whatever you need, he has. No matter how old, how outdated, if it works, it'll find it's way in your house.

These screens weren't bad though, and they were free so no complaining here. All that remains are the wood slats to finish the screens and we need to re-screen the roof slats because that wood is so bad they are falling apart.

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