Friday, June 22, 2007

Fence Garden ... 1 month progress report

For me, this garden is like a baby.

In the beginning, you calculate it's age by weeks, then months, until about 2 years old, then it's years. And by the time they're old enough where they tower over you, eat more than cafeteria of grade schoolers, and leaving dirty socks everywhere, you have no idea how old they are, you're just waiting for them to move out of the house.

(Don't be fooled folks, I say all this, yet I'm 31 with no kids...)

It's been a month since I planted my Fence Garden so I'm still in La-La land: checking up on it constantly, whispering sweet nothings into their ears (resembling a chant "grow grow, flower flower").I picked up, recently, Tracy DiSabato-Aust's book The Well-Tended Perennial Garden and she has pictures of gardens just planted and then 4 months later they looked better than an Arboretum. I expect nothing less from this garden (oh, no, is this an insight into my mothering skills?).

So here's the baby at 1 month old. Isn't she the cutest baby you ever saw?


Gina said...

It's very pretty! I'd love to know what all the plants are since I'm clueless. My favorite thing is the cute little "GARDEN" sign. Did you plant all these from seeds or did you buy the plants?

Rosemarie said...

Hi Gina,
Thank you!! I think it's pretty so far and it's the only thing in the garden that's ALL MINE (i.e. no POPs -- previous owner plants). To see a list of the plants in this garden, I have it's own page at :
I bought all the plants and I got the garden sign at 50% off at JoAnne Fabrics!

Rosemarie said...

I realize that the address was too long, the link is on my blog on the top left hand corner called "My gardens". This one is the Fence Garden.

Carolyn gail said...

Very nice , Rosemarie. Might I make a suggestion ? Fill in the bare areas with annuals until the perennials mature.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

She is a very pretty baby! By the way, I think that they feed some of those "babies" in the books a little extra something. Mine never grow up that fast, anyway. lol.