Friday, June 01, 2007

Name this plant

I have 2 plants I need to identify!

One of them is in the backyard. It's tall stalks with pretty purple flowers. It seems to re-seed itself because it sppears that I get more plants each year. The bottoms can be kind of woody and they tend to grow in clumps of stalks. The closest I could guess looking at photos in my plant books is purple loosestrife.

The other is in the front yard in full sun. It has long branches that flip over with tiny green petals and now it's starting to bloom with pretty yellow flowers. I haven't been able to match any photos for this one.


Carolyn gail said...

Hi Rosemarie,

That does look like purple loosestrife. The yellow flowers look like Potentilla to me.

I see you've been busy in the garden. Way to go !

Rosemarie said...

thank you carolyn!