Friday, June 22, 2007

Tomatoes... 1 month progress report

I said it would be a miracle if I got any tomatoes. Why? Well, my track record in general isn't that hot and neither is the sun in my backyard. But I am trying to grow them in the sunniest spot I could find because frankly ... store bought tomatoes suck.

I grew up on tomato salads over the summer. My family is Italian and we always had a veggie garden. In the summer months, dinner was outside (al fresco, although it sounds nicer than it actually was) and we always started with a tomato salad with basil and olive oil, sopping up the juicy tomato bits with hunks of italian bread.

I miss that.

Later on, when I was living in France, I would make myself cold couscous salad with tomatoes, olive oil, and vinegar; I just loved the tomato. But when I tried to make it at home with -- sacre bleu! -- a store bought tomato, I had to spit it out. No flavor. If a tomato has no flavor, then it might as well be thrown into the compost to serve some other higher good.

Now that I have a house and some gardening under my belt, it was time for the tomato (and some basil and green onion too). I don't have tomatoes yet, but I do have little yellow flowers that I hope will turn into juice, ripe, plump tomatoes ... my mouth is watering as I type. My dad said I'll get tomatoes in August, but I hope to God they come sooner.

So here's the 1-month progress report on the tomatoes. In the picture you can see my neighbor's hydrangeas pouring through the picket fence. I love not having to plant anything there because I get to enjoy these. (And yes, that's how close my neighbor is to me, the pots are right outside my door!)

May vs. June


Gina said...

Are the little yellow flowers not the cutest thing you've ever seen?? Nice work! I did not realize you had them in pots. I planted mine in the middle of the yard right by my patio because I was afraid if I didnt put them really close to the house I'd forget to check on them. That was BEFORE the obsession began. Now I'm really regretting the location. Speaking of Yard, I've been reading your blog about the corn meal because I really must do something about my lack of actual grass. Yours is beautiful and oh so green!

Rosemarie said...

Hi Gina,
They are in pots because no other area of my lawn is sunny enough, excpet this little patio. I recommend them being close to a water source for easy watering daily.

Rosemarie said...

Oh and as for the grass ... I use an organic fertalizer in the spring (cock-a-doodle do is the brand name) and then cornmeal gluten 3x a summer. Next yr, I am going to use compost; my compost wasn't ready yet and what was ready had some mulch still in it.

Gina said...

Another silly question. How do you plan to use the compost on the grass? Just sprinkle it on? I mean you won't till the grass up, right?

Christa said...

Neat to see the before and after photos. How nice that you get to enjoy your neighbor's hydrangeas peeking into your yard like that.

Good luck with your tomatoes! Nothing beats homegrown.