Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Azaleas under the pine tree?

Last Sunday was one of the first days Matt and I have actually been around to take care of the yard.

He took down the old basketball hoop (previous owner left it) and I cleaned out under the Pine tree by the street.
This photo was taken in May. It looks okay in this photo, but really not much has ever grown here except for some vinca minor and that died in huge amounts this year. We added those hostas last year and the rest of the green are weeds and shoots.

I cleaned out all the vinca, weeds, shoots, and now it looks like this:
Yep, black eyed susans have sprouted behind the hostas. Okay, I'll admit it, I found some small black-eyed susan shoots last year and put them here. But I didn't think they'd grow. I was wrong!

So now what can I do with that bare area around the tree? I read that azaleas and rhododendrons would grow good under the pine tree because of the high acidity level from the pine needles. Has anyone had any luck with something like this?


Carolyn gail said...

Hi Rosemarie,

First of all, that's not a pine tree, it's a Colorado Blue Spruce.

Secondly, I think it looks nice just to mulch under the tree and plant perennials as you have them - at the edge of the tree. The dark shade of the tree is too dark even for azaleas or rhodos. Plus, digging could injure the trees roots.

Sissy said...

hmm...I have to disagree!!
I have, from personal experience, grown azalea under evergreens. Especially since yours is limbed up so high, they would like nice. The toughest part is that they fight with the older, bigger, more established evergreen for water and nutrients. You have to be diligent about getting them their own drink, even years down the road. The massive feeder roots of the mature tree will suck the soil dry unless you water the underplantings very well!!
(now have a good summer, will ya??!!)

Rosemarie said...

Carolyn & Sissy,
Thanks for correcting my tree-ology. Anything that looks like a pine tree is a pine tree. Sad, huh?

I do get some sun, but probably not enough. But I think my biggest problem is the dirt. I just planted a hosta under the tree and it didn't fare too well; the dirt is funky. I'll post a picture.