Sunday, July 29, 2007

Garden Diary catch-up

Even though I just wrote some posts July 20th, I feel totally out of the loop. I haven't really had the time to write and catch up on everyone else's blog. I think it's the mid-season blah's...

But this reminds me of my mom's bowling days when I was a kid, and before all that fancy electronic scoring. Whenever they were bowling like crap, she and her gals would draw a house around one of their frames; this was the "doghouse" and after that frame they were going to get out of the doghouse and bowl better.

So that's this blog post -- my doghouse -- after this I vow to write more often, more sincerely, and to visit other blogs more often and more sincerely, and to respond to my comments more often.
- - - - - - - -
We've actually been doing a lot around the garden in July -- more than I did last year. And I have a feeling I'll be doing more: my aunt told me about the plant sales at Home Depot; luring me with low prices is pure evil.

Our tomatoes are awesome! The romas have begun to turn red. This photo is from the 27th, and they're even more red now. My grandparents were over today and couldn't believe how BIG our tomatoes were; I told them it's because the soil we used had been composted the last 2 years. I'm sure that's why.

Front yard path:
I came up with the idea to make a new path in the front yard. I love walking on paths. Plus I think it's easier to garden and visit your plants if there's a path. Maybe they're dumb, I'm not a landscaper, I just like paths. So after we pulled out a bush last yr, and the mongo eunymous this year, I was left with a bare hole in the front. Then I found myself always walking this way to get to the side of the house; so I thought a path would be the obvious choice. Using the same bricks as the walkway (thank you old owners for leaving them around the house), I outlined a future pathyway. I wanted it be sort of whimsical and twist around the existing plants, and then plant new ones around the curves. Right now the bricks are on top of the ground, but I want to bury them 1/4 down and fill the path with mulch.

Backyard path:
Our southwest garden always had a path: a path to nowhere. I'm an odd bird where if I'm walking, I better be walking somewhere, walking in and walking out doesn't work for me. So we continued the path to the other end and made a 1/2 circle. I think it looks super. This is the garden I'm overhauling, and I'm not done yet, but this is where we're at so far.


Gina said...

Nice work on the paths! Do you have stepping stones IN your flower beds? I find myself walking through them to weed and plant new stuff and I think that's probably not a great idea. I have some left over bricks too. Maybe I should make a path too. Or figure out a way to make them into stepping stones for my beds. My Roma's are starting to turn red too! YAY US!

Marianne said...

Thank-you for the "tour" of your beautiful garden. All your hard work really shows! Also thanks for the delicious lunch and cappuccino!!

Rosemarie said...

Gina: I like the stepping stones for that reason -- so I don't accidentally step on my plants. Plus I like to walk through my garden. I vote YES on the path and YEA for Roma tomatoes!

Marianne: You're welcome!

Annie in Austin said...

Hi Rosemarie,

Your paths look good - adding something of a known size [like a brick] seems to help our brains feel at home in a we know the proportions and things so we can mentally move through the spaces.

I saw your comment for poetry day, and came over to find all these posts. I'm so dependent on Bloglines! Your blog doesn't allow an rss feed, so I didn't even know you'd written them. Must catch up now!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose