Monday, July 02, 2007

I'll take this one ... and that one ...

Can't I just walk into the garden center without walking out with $70 worth of plants? And I had a list to keep me from falling off the wagon, too. When I walked in the door, Matt was sitting at the table reconciling our accounts, so I wasn't shocked when he asked, "$70? What did you buy?"

"Some plants," averting my eyes.
"I'm getting worried about you," he answered.
"But they had heucheras in different colors..." I'm sure he tuned me out right about there, so why go on.

But I went to the Garden Center, unfortunately also known as Home Despot, to get some annuals to fill my 50% off hanging baskets I snatched up at Jo-Ann fabrics when I was looking for something other than hanging baskets. Matt can't grasp the idea of the annual any more than grasping the fact he actually knows what an annual is.

"So it's a plant that dies, and doesn't come back next year." He asks.
"Why would you spend money on that?" Still confused.
"Because they look pretty?"
"I still don't get it."

So he didn't understand how I could spend $70 on annuals and some heucheras, and frankly neither could I. I stared at the receipt for very long figuring out how all those $3.99 could add up to $70.

Am I going plant crazy? Is it my fault that they had several different types of heucheras that I needed to try out? Is it my fault that I want my hanging baskets to look like the hanging gardens of babylon?

And just because this IS a garden blog, I should add that ... I planted my new heucheras in the front yard in my "circle garden" right in front of the fringed bleeding hearts and hostas. They are:
  • Heuchera villosa 'Citronelle'
  • Heuchera X 'Crimson Curls'
  • Heuchera villosa 'Caramel'

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Gina said...

I fully support overspending on plants! The hanging basket in the picture is also very pretty - what are they?