Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Circle Garden (Front Yard)

One of the garden beds in the front yard is affectionately called the "Circle Garden."

2 large shade trees cover this area. Plants include:

  • Daylilly 'stella d'oro'
  • Coral bells
  • Hostas
  • Black eyed susan-looking plants
  • Ferns

Photo: late May 2005
Action: Pulled out some ferns, mulched

Photo: late May 2006
Action: Added 2 dicentra formosa
Noted: Bearded iris didn't bloom, large daylillies in back didn't bloom, discovered a mophead hydrangea

Photo: early July 2007
Action: Moved small mophead hydrangea to front of house, added 3 different new coral bells (chocolate ruffles, amber waves, and lemon-lime).
Noted: irises and daylillies still didn't bloom. stella d'oros look overgrown and don't repeat bloom.

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