Friday, August 17, 2007

Evolution of a Vine

Jumanji, my killer clematis, was pretty tame this year. Last year, I let it grow wild and carefree and it swallowed everything in sight, forcing my neighbor to take drastic measures and tie it back for me.

This year, I took better care of it, pruned it down better and I thought it would be inetresting to take photos of it every month and chronicle it's life (well it's growing season until bloom time). Here are some photos of that...

April 2007
May 2007

June 2007
July 2007

And finally, August in bloom!


LCShores said...

Wow!!! That's really spectacular!

Annie in Austin said...

Rosemarie, I'm 1200 miles away, and wish I could see it better.

I may be way off course here, but the photo you showed from 2005 seems to have a totally different flower on the Clematis - an eight-petaled medium-size flower. The current photo looks much more like Sweet Autumn Clematis.

Do the flowers have 4 petals? Is this a fragrant clematis? If your answers are 'yes', a Sweet Autumn may have been growing with the other one, and being more vigorous - it took over.

On the other hand - I could be full of baloney and it doesn't look like that in person one tiny bit!

And it is spectacular.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Rosemarie said...

LCShores - Thanks!

Annie -- You're right. When I moved in I had both types of clematis, then the next year I only had the sweet Autumn. It probably did as you said -- took it over. Which is too bad because I LOVED the large flowers and SA attracts a lot of bees.

MrBrownThumb said...

Hey that's neat!

Would make a nice time-lapse photograph.

Rosemarie said...

Mr. Brown thumb -- If I could figure that out, it would be cool.