Friday, August 03, 2007

Made in the Shade

Most of my front yard is in the shade. Not deep shade like a forest (despite the 7 trees), but more like dappled sunlight coming in between the tree branches, and some areas get some a nice amount of sun (not scorching though) at various parts of the day.I lamented the lack of sun for the last 2 years, admiring the tons of flowers available to those with full-sun. Until this year, I have finally have embraced the beauty that shady-lady plants give. Not to mention, when you're gardening in the sun, it tuckers you out quicker.

I have a nice variety of shade plants, but as you all know most of the front yard was planted by the previous owners. As I start to put my stamp on the front yard "rooms," I've been in search for some good shade-gardening books and I found one called Making the Most of Shade by Larry Hodgson . It has some nice garden plans, great information on planting, and an extensive list of shade-loving plants.One of the problems with my other gardening books is that they are really comprehensive, so I have to search for the shade-lovers. With this book, any page I turn to I know the light needs work for me and I can concentrate on learning about it's other characteristics and whether or not it might work in my garden.

Long live shade!


Gina said...

rosemarie - thanks for rubbing in the fact that i have no shade, missy! your shade garden looks great.

Carolyn gail said...

Hey Rosemarie,

Where's the first place you go on a hot August day - the shade of course ! Shade gardens are challenging, but can be very interesting.

Make it exciting with a lot of textures such as Pulmonaria, Cimicifuga, Bergenia, coral bells, ferns, astilibe, etc.

cloudscome said...

Beautiful! I love shade gardens. Look at that texture!

kate said...

I love gardening in the shade. There's a certain peacefulness that shade gardening brings.

Apple said...

I wish my shade garden looked so inviting! I've added your feed to my list so that I'll remember to visit more often.

LCShores said...

I'll have to check out that book! My go-to book has been "Go Native!" by Carolyn Harstad, which has a lot of shade and part-shade options. Fortunately, a lot of the "prairie" plant nurseries have started selling woodland plants, so there are lots of options now beyond the ubiquitous hosta (not that I don't have at least 4 different varieties of those...).

Rosemarie said...

Thanks for all the nice comments! I am really happy how this garden is looking, although I am still puttering through it daily!

karenkk said...

I love your front yard that is shown on your home page. I'm not a very good gardener for as much as I try to be.

I am faced with this same kind of yard - lots of shade. We would like to turn our front yard into something like this, but without having to hire someone. We are more than willing to put in the work and sweat.

I was wondering if you've ever drawn out what plants you have for yours and if you would be willing to share it. I'm located in St. Charles IL and would love to come by and see it if possible. (I saw you were in the western suburbs also)


Rosemarie said...

Karen - you'd be welcome anytime. My garden is in Wheaton.