Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pest Control

Remember the walkway I'm kinda putting in? Well, the bricks have been laying there for some time now because I want to make sure I like this before I commit to any work (and even then I'm having doubts -- are bricks dumb? Do they go with the rest of the landscape? Is the path to wide? Why am I making a path on prime sun property? etc...)

When I decided to go ahead with it, I discovered an ant colony as big and as populated as China was living under the bricks. The minute you lift up a brick they come swarming nd they BITE those suckers. Hours later, I could still feel ants crawling on me. Here's a short video:


So I had to stop the path making; when I recommenced path-making I found out they only relocated to some bricks further down. This might take longer than expected.


kate said...

Eeks ... I hate when that happens. Mostly I feel guilty for disturbing the ant colonies which were working happily till I lifted a rock or a brick. They can sting which makes me not feel so guilty though! Great little video ...

Catherine said...

Oh my!! Great little projects usually end up taking a little~ a lot longer than I plan on also. Your clematis vine in an earlier post looks's amazing how much a vine can grow in a season!