Friday, August 17, 2007


I went up to Lake Geneva last weekend to start cleaning out some of my mom's new garden that's totally overgrown now.

This is the garden that I told my mom I was going to re-do for her and I was so excited about it. The only problem was that with the heat and the cicadas, I wasn't able to do much until recently, and by then there was a plant/weed explosion!

So I did a simple weed clean up, pulling out what I could identify as weeds. But herein lies the problem:

The previous owners, instead of using a wood mulch, used rocks under their plants. Some are large (which are fine) but the rest are small. I like the look of a rock garden and wanted to keep them, but after the years, the rocks have become embedded into the ground. The plants still manage to grow but to get weeds out I have to start removing the rocks.

I didn't want to remove the rocks but I think I have to, just to get at the roots of these big weeds, and especially if I want to transplant anything. Ugh.

Does anyone have any experience working with rocks as much?


Carol said...

Trying to re-do an area where rocks were used as mulch is not something I'd wish for anyone. I know one person who hired someone with a little bobcat to dig up all the "rocks as mulch" around their house and then bring in new soil. Expensive, but it was the only solution he could think of!

Rosemarie said...

Carol-- Thank you for the info. Can I say it again - UGH.

Apple said...

Everywhere I dig there are stones and rocks of various sizes. As I dig them out I use them to make new paths or in small groups instead of stepping stones. My only advice is to tackle a small section at a time. Good luck.

Gina said...

rosemarie - oh how i hate rocks now that i've started gardening! I was so tired of digging them out when I planted my roses that the last 2 rose bushes are practically planted in as much rocks as they are dirt. They are doing fine, though! I have an area next to our rear patio/basketball court that I actually put rock in 2 summers ago. Shame on me! I did put it on top of weed fabric so I'm hoping it won't be too hard to get rid of them.

So nice that you are landscaping your mom's place! You are a great daughter!

Rosemarie said...

Apple - that's a great idea. I will definitely do a little at a time and save them for my next projects!

Gina -- Yeah, I thought it would be fun to tackle a garden that I wasn't "emotionally" attached to, just to see what it's like. My mom was just happy not to have to do it herself!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Rosemarie... I have no advice. But I do have to say that I'm happy it's you and not me. I don't think I would have the patience for that kind of a job, even if that lovely bugbane and the rest of those shade garden plants would be much happier for it. Good luck!