Saturday, September 01, 2007

August in Review

I seemed to have done a lot more this month than it would seem ... (I apologize for the messiness of this blog entry!)

1. I planted some new plants -- I was hoping to snag some super deals, but I must not have the insider information. I got some plants "cheaper" but not like a steal.

Earlier this month I got these 3 1-year old plants for like a buck (okay, maybe I did get a steal). They are: oriental poppy, white yarrow, and potentilla (I think it's a marsh cinquefoil). I put them in the front of the house to get established, we'll see how they do. I have to remember not to pull out the poppy, it's awfully reminiscent of a WEED!

I also got 2 purple palace heucheras, an astilbe with red flowers (I have the name somewhere!), and another japanese painted fern.

Against the walkway are existing daylillies (stella d'oro) and a japanese barberry. Flanking the barberry the PO (previous owners) put 2 wintercreepers. But I moved one of them (too symmetrical) and I was left with a whole to fill. I put these plants there but I'm not loving it. I think they'll outgrow this space too soon, I like the purples together against the barberry but it looks hodge-podgy. I'll move them next year.

I also got to more lady's mantle. I just fell in love with their satin soft chartreuse leaves.

2. I bought garden schtuff too.

I couldn't resist. Our beloved cat passed away in january and I always meant to get a memorial statue for her. So I finally did. It's called "Philospher" cat. Although this stance I refer to as "cat staring into space." I also picked up more edgers for my "english" garden area and it really completes this.

Finally -- another pot. I can't pass up a good 50% sale on large pots.

3. Some gardening took place -- well, hardscapes...

I've been wanting to put a path between the walkway and the driveway/garage, because Matt and I always cut through the garden. We're lazy. We admit it. So in digging up the side yard (see next point), I found --what luck! --a few flagstone. And large ones to boot. I also dug up about 20 more bricks (what is the deal?!) So I started the pathway, now I either have to buy (heaven forbid) more flagstone, or maybe I'll luck out and find more buried beneath.

This is the walkway between us and our neighbors. I have here: pulmonaria, hostas, irises, heucheras, a very large Astilbe, and lily of the valley. If I give the LOTV full reign, they would take over the world. So I added this plastic edger to give the space dome defintion and keep the LOTV at bay. I'm not in for plastic, but I needed something plyable and it's just the side. My neighbor likes it, and so does Matt. I do too, it just doesn't look super professional.

That's all for now -- oh wait, I'm still clearing out the southwest garden (will be ready to plant for next year), and I'm slowly getting those bricks in the front in. So much to do, so little time!


Sissy said...

Wow!! Your landscape sure is coming along!
If you dig up more bricks, you can hammer them in on an angle along the plastic edging to hide it!!
Like this:
See? it looks nice!!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Wow... it's looking good so far!

What a find while digging. Don't you wonder how all of these old things came to rest in the yard? I found two bricks, perpendicular to my driveway, while I was turning the lawn there into a garden bed. And I found a huge slab of marble with two parallel lines cut into it while creating the back garden. It looks way too nice to have been an original feature here--our little foursquare row houses were meant to be company houses, not fancy mansions. :)

Annie in Austin said...

Those really are bargains, Rosie - and by the time you're ready to move them they'll be specimen plants instead of starter plants.

I'm not too sure that little ol' piece of plastic will have much effect on lilies of the valley... at my mom's house they regularly cross under a four-foot sidewalk, and have been known to pop up on the far side of an asphalt driveway. When something smells so wonderful it can be forgiven.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Carolyn gail said...

You're improvements are a nice addition to your garden. Love the philosopher cat !

Don't forget to contribute to Garden Bloggers' Muse Day which has been extended to September 4 due to the long Labor Day weekend.

Rosemarie said...

Sissy - the brick idea is a good one. I'm not if I have enough bricks for this area, but I may be able to do that technique somewhere else.

Blackswamp girl - I agree, I love finding stuff in the ground. I always find a way of using everything.

annie - I had a feeling the plastic would be wimpy against the LOTV, but if I have that edge then I know where to pull the rogue LOTV :)

carolyn - Thanks! and I alwys get right under the gun with Muse day!

angie said...

You make me feel like such a bum. You should see our pathetic yard.