Friday, September 14, 2007

Bulbs planted

For the first time ever, I planted bulbs. And guess what? It's supposed to get to 40 degrees tonight. Whenever I plant something I always say, "If it grow, it'll be a miracle!" Well this is no exception. The only thing to do is wait until next Spring and see what comes up through the ground.

Stay Tuned!

So I don't forget, here's where I planted the bulbs:

1) along the fence (tulips mid-late spring bloomers)

2)Various areas in the southwest garden bed (3 varieties: early tulips, late tulips, and hyacinths)

Here I also experimented with layering, so I put the early and late tulips together in the same row, so I'll see if that works with the 2 bloom times.
3) Front yard by the front door (early tulips by heucheras, late tulips by hydrangea)


kate said...

Your bulbs will do just fine - I often plant mine when the ground is near frozen and they come up without any problem. You have planted a good variety - I like the layering idea. I can't wait for spring!!!

Gina said...

rosemarie - ive been debating for weeks about whether or not to plant bulbs. i have a feeling if i dont, come spring when im checking your blog, I'm gonna be so pissed!

Alyssa said...

Bulbs are nearly fool proof. I have had very good luck with them in southern Wisconsin. My only hint would be to plant lots! Since there is generally only one flower per bulb they can look skimpy unless there are many. Oh, another hint. I always plant my hyacinths in a circle in a big hole
and they look like a lovely bouquet in spring. Hyacinths are rather hard to place effectivly in the garden - they can look kind of like a lonely drumstick unless planted close together. But nothing seems to eat them and unfortunately, everything loves to eat tulips - bulbs or flowers! That's another reason to plant lots. I'm sure all of your bulbs will come up without any problems.

Rosemarie said...

Thanks for the positive feedback. I can't until next spring too!

Carolyn gail said...

Hey Rosemarie,

Bulbs need the cold temperatures in order to bloom in the Spring. In Alabama if you want to plant Tulips you have to refrigerate them first ! So don't worry about them .

Love your plan.