Monday, September 24, 2007

Fence Garden: Season end review

In May, I planted my first garden, which I call the "Fence Garden" because it's against the fence (how original, I know). This was the first area that I planted from scratch, as opposed to taking care of the previous owner's plants, or adding here and there.

I know already that I made some mistakes -- mistakes that can be easily fixed next year -- but I was really excited at seeing how this area developed in it's first year, what worked, and what didn't.

For more photos -- click here.

I pretty much had to replace everything on the west end of this garden, which I deliriously thought got more sun than it does. So out went the geraniums, bellflowers, and coneflower that constantly fell over, and in went some ferns and pulmonaria.

I also realize that I should have thought more about "foundation" plants: shrubs and evergreens that would give this more of a footprint. After being reminded by Carolyn to add these, I put in a boxwood and eunymous as an afterthought. Had I thought about this better, I could/should have chosen a lovely shrub which would have given me some nice foliage, flowers, and autumn interest.

In addition, the grass I have is sad ( it was from my grandpa's yard). Another tall grass I think would give this garden some needed height. I also think some more plantings in the front would be good, since I've learned that plants in shade tend to grow slower.

I should have also listened to Carolyn when she suggested adding in some annuals to cover the many bare areas; but I was spending so much money on plants by that time I couldn't do anymore. But I think that I will be more attentive to the bare areas in my garden as a general rule; and I realize that such thing like impatiens really spread as the season goes so a little goes a long way.

But all in all, I feel like I was very successful because last year I was told that I was on the wrong side of the fence, and that nothing would grow here.


Carol said...

Looks like the "right side" of the fence to me and the makings of a great shade garden. Good job!

Carol at May Dreams Gardens

Carolyn gail said...

Yes you are indeed on the right side of the fence and doing just fine thank you very much.

Something that blooms and is evergreen is an azalea, or you could try a rhododendron such as 'Yaku Princess ' which is hardy to zone 4.

All in all, a very good beginning.

Annie in Austin said...

It seems pretty successful for the first season, Rosemarie - and you also have the satisfaction of proving someone wrong... who could resist that!

Once the euonymous gets going it might move upward along the fence, sort of like ocean waves - giving some texture and height. It depends on the way the sun makes it grow.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Jennifer said...

That looks great, you have a very nice start. I still make mistakes even though I've been gardening at this house 4 years.

Half of my front yard is almost complete shade and the other half is mostly sunny with the front door and sidewalk right down the middle. It is an ongoing project to get the front of my house to look somewhat cohesive.

I'm a big fan of annuals which I start by wintersowing so its cheap. They really help with the bare spots.

Jennifer in Chicago

Carolyn gail said...


Where the heck are ya? This is October, my dear, and not one post ? What's a going on around there.