Friday, September 14, 2007

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - September

I wrote this post early, but then got sidetracked with the house renovation!

Most of what I have in bloom have been around all summer ... they just keep going and going... much like the Energizer Bunny.

My Roses are still blooming strong well into September. I thank the previous owners for these because I'm scared to plant roses. But for some reason I like roses too much to kill them. These roses did wonderful this year, but my climbing roses didn't bloom at all.
Pink Impatiens -- This might be on a lot of lists as something people hate (or NIMG), but c'mon, what's not to love?! And my cute edger that they pop through ... I love this look. Go ahead, call me names behind my back...
Fringed bleeding heart -- do you see a pink theme here? I read in a book and the author called this a high maintenance plant and she didn't like them. Pshaw. I love everything about this plant (except that it's hard to nearly impossible to transplant); especially the color of the greens. This isn't a good picture of it, it's nestled between some heuchera and hostas, with some black eyed susans in the background.

Grasses -- These are 2 grasses that are in "bloom" I guess. I'm not what they are off-hand.

Here's a wild sunflower that I came theees close to pulling out because I didn't know what it was. I got this at the Native Plant sale last year, but I didn't realize it gets tall and flops over. He's happy sort of laying on this rock.

Other plants: black eyed susans, garden phlox...

Almost ... but not quite there yet...

I say not quite there on the sedum because some are in bloom and some aren't and most of them are half-way there. Here's some sedum under a variagated grass and next to some lungwarts. It doesn't get that much sun here, but they managed to bloom.

And finally ... My giant Home Depot Mum that was not supposed to come back. I bought this for fall color my first year here and literally threw it in the ground not thinking it would come back, triple it's size. Now it's back for year 3, although I trimmed it back throughout the season thanks to advice I got last year (see, I remember). It's still a behemoth, but better. And it's just about to bloom, but alas no cigar.


Alyssa said...

Your roses are lovely and I think everyone loves impatiens! Or they should! They are about the easiest and rewarding annuals around. And they look very classy weaving in and out of your tiny fence. I like fringed bleeding hearts a lot, but, alas have had bad luck with mine. They seem to die out in a few years. The rest of your plants look very nice and the grasses are a favorite of mine.

You have a green mum-thumb! It looks like it will be lovely in a week or so with all those buds. Great work!

Carol said...

You have a lot going on for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. I read hints here and there that some gardeners are starting to suspect some of their plants are holding back bloom on purpose until after the 15th, like your mum. For me it was the asters. It's not possible, but it's a fun thought :-)

Thanks for posting for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.

Annie in Austin said...

Actually, it's kind of good for the mums to hold off for a little while, so they'll still have flowers when Halloween arrives.

But it could be a floral plot to thwart GBBD, because there were a lot of us showing buds for September, Rosemarie!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

terra incognita said...

Your roses and other flowers look beautiful, and I love impatiens too -- I grow them every year. I also really like the edging you used, it looks very nice.

Gina said...

rosemarie - do you grow stuff from seed? i'm collecting seed from my Pink Cleome and White Cleome soon. You had commented on it before. i'll gladly mail you some seed if you are interested. just let me know.

Gina said...

rosemarie - you can email me at

i'll let you know when i mail the seeds so that you can be on the lookout for them. let me know if you'd like to try the pink and the white or just one or the other.