Monday, September 10, 2007

Irises and Tulips

The other day, braving the mosquitoes that have taken over my backyard, I divided this clump of crimson irises. These are such gorgeous flowers, the deep red color is such a contract so all the green in my yard. As with most of the plants in my yard, I inherited these from the previous owners. After division, I ended up with about 50 rhizomes; I replanted about 20+ around the yard, gave 10 to my mom, and have about 20 more to give away or find homes for.

For my own documentation, I placed the rhizomes:
- 10 in the original spot
- clump of 3 next to original spot
- 3 mixed with the purple irises in kitchen garden
- 2 mixed with purple irises in triangle garden
- 2 clumps of 3 along new path in southwest garden
- clump of 3 between coral bell/oakleaf hydrangea in front sun area

I also went to Home Depot today and bought bulbs. I'm sure the big 'ol HD is not the best place for this, but since I'm experimenting, I didn't feel the need to go all fancy. My idea is to have a tulip garden ...somewhere where another plant will grow larger in summer to cover the dying greens.

This may sound crazy, but I'm actually thinking of planting some along the fence. As my neighbors 'annabelle' hydrangeas get big, they spill over into my yard. But in the early-mid-late spring stages, they aren't that big yet. Wouldn't it be quaint and cottag-y to have tulips along the picket fence?

This photo is in July, when the annabelles are at their prime.

The other idea is to incorporate a tulip garden into my southwest garden.

This is the area that I completely demolished this summer, slowly trying to eradicate the ground cover, weeds, and overgrown ferns. I called it "taking back my garden" job. It was the area that just had a life of it's own and I hated walking back there for sheer fear of my life. Next spring, I'll plant the area, but I can always put the tulips in the 1/2 circle area around the tree that I formed by the stone path.

I still have some extraneous ground cover lurching about, but I'm going to leave them. I just wanted to "tame" the wild beast.

It's only early Sept so I have time to think about it.


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Oooh... I vote for tulips in both places! Both sound perfect places to let the tulips brighten up spring.

By the way, those red and purple irises will look stunning together I bet. Now I'm thinking I shouldn't have given away all of my purple ones when I planted the red "Samurai Warrior" ones I picked up this summer. Darn it!

Gina said...

rosemarie - the red irises are beautiful! i have a few purple ones that came with the house and they have been finished for months! are these magic irises?

LostRoses said...

I agree - tulips in both places! And Home Depot is a fine place to start for a bunch of bulbs that won't break the bank and will look great in the spring.

How lucky you can "borrow" your neighbor's hydrangeas in the summer! Cooperative gardening at its best.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Rosemarie said...

blackswamp - I thought those 2 would go good together, for some reason the old owners had them separate. I can't wait for next May now!

Gina - Magic Irises, I wish!! No, those pics were taken in May but now's the time to divide them if you need to. isn't the color awesome though?

Lostroses - Thanks for visiting! I agree with you and blackswamp that I should plant the bulbs in both places. Why not?

Sissy said...

yay bulbs!! I don't plant mine until October, though!
Your iris look so big and healthy!!
Go Bears!!