Saturday, September 01, 2007

Porch Garden

We have a screened porch off the back of the house, and this is the garden that is against the porch.

2005: It must not have even been that nice when we moved in because I have no photo of it.

2006: "This area is looking worse and worse!"

Plants: Tall grass, sedum, vinca, coneflower. In late summer, added more sedum and lungworts.

June 2006

2007, I vowed not to neglect it anymore. I added:

--Added more sedum along both edges
--Some purple coneflowers reseeded here too.
--I barricaded the sedum and Lungwarts with stones I found in my garden.
--I cleaned out the vinca except for in 1 area in the back where it looks good.

--I added a small astilbe, columbine, and small hosta I found elsewhere in the garden

September 2007

2008: This area continues to look good. It really comes into it's own later in the season when the grass is big.

--This year I added pink impatiens and it really looked cute.

July 2008

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