Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Apple Trees Gone

At the last minute, I wanted to stop them and say "No, don't cut down my trees!" But that would have labeled me as the crazy lady on the street who can't make up her mind.

Nope, the trees came down last Sunday and while I was sad thinking about the good times -- the pretty white flowers in the spring -- I forced myself to think about the bad times -- the fallen rotten apples, stinking up my driveway and flower beds and attracting colonies of flies and bees from three counties.

The east side of the house now looks totally bare. And I know I need another tree to balance the FACE we made on the side of the house with the windows and direct vent (from the new fireplace). All I need here is a mouth for it to be complete!

And this is one area that's going to get an overhaul next spring -- it's been the one area of our yard I have never touched. Not for much longer.

The front of the house actually looks nice; it does feel a bit bare being able to see our neighbors better, but when I think about all the sun my plants will now be getting there, I can't wait for next spring. The site of the tree is circled in red.

To see the trees before, see my previous post.

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Carol said...

I love picking out new trees! Looking forward to finding out what you choose for your side yard. Will it be a Japanese Maple?

Carol at May Dreams Gardens