Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Garden Blogger's Bloom DayOctober

I totally let the 15th of the month fly by me while I was on Blog Sabbatical. But I've posted every month since February and darn it all if I'm gonna stop now!

Unfortunately, there's just not much going on. The only area that looks "alive"is my Triangle Garden. I'm tickled pink with this perennial bed because it was pretty when I moved in and then everything just went to pot. So this spring I had to replace almost everything and it really flourished.
  • The garden mum keeps coming back (and is still big and floppy despite me pruning it back all summer)
  • the grass I divided in the spring is happier then ever in bloom
  • the clustered bellflower I transplanted over the summer is blooming again
  • the irises I moved here last year are large and healthy
  • the 2 dianthus and bloody cranesbill geranium are both not dead (the dianthus doubled in size over the summer)
  • and the potentilla I moved from a shady area in the front also doubled it's size over the summer
Is there some sort of miracle-gro in this ground?!

And I am happy because I actually planted a garden bed with multi-season interest.

For more pictures of this garden over the 3 summers I've been here, click here.

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Carol said...

I think what did it for the Potentilla was moving it out of the shade.

This is about the latest that anyone has posted for Bloom Day, but I'm proud of you for not missing a single month, so 'late' doesn't matter. Looking forward to seeing what you can find blooming in November. (It will be a challenge for me, too.)

Carol at May Dreams Gardens