Monday, October 22, 2007

Triangle Garden

Location: Backyard, west facing
Light: Full, part-sun
Water: Near water spigot

2005 (July photo):

  • Japanese Barberry
  • Dwarf mondo grass
  • Vinca
  • Prairie Grass
  • Purple Loosestrife
  • Ajuga

Added in August 2005:
2 hardy mums (one survived)

2006 (June photo):

  • Removed swingset and mulch.
  • A few black eyed susans appeared in the front and I left them.
  • In the Fall, I added 3 tall purple bearded irises I had divided from another area.

2007 (july photo):

  • Ajuga died back in the front, and rudbeckia grew bigger
  • Dwarf mondo grass didn't come back.
  • Pulled out Japanese barberry.
  • Divided the grass (huge hole in the middle)
  • Pulled out the majority of the vinca
  • Irises came back and 1 of them bloomed.
  • Mulched again.

Planted new in 2007:

2 pink chedder dianthus
1 eunymous 'emerald gaity'
1 potentilla from the front that didn't get much sun.
1 Bloody Cranesbill geranium 'Max Frei'
1 clustered bellflower Campanula glomerata
1 garden phlox

Purple Loosestrife, mum, & rudbeckia remained from previous yr.

2008 (july photo)
  • dianthus didn't come back (replaced with annuals and pot)
  • everything else came back healthy and in full force ... the bed was getting too small.Expanded bed a little bigger. And moved geranium down towards the fence.